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Decoration for St. Valentine's day February.14.

Decoration for Halloween October.31.

Decoration for New Year December.31.

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How much it will cost such a decoration?


The price of the decorations depends on various factors. Here are some of them:

* The size and the number of used balloons.
* The type and the quality of balloons.
* The complexity of makeing of the figures.
* The complexity of mounting of decoration.

A decoration can be made for 20-30euro, and it also can be made for several thousands euro. You receive what you pay for. But your money is not wasted becouse everybody will be delighted by the fantastic atmosphere.


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How long does it stear a helium filled balloon?

What is the price of such decorations?

How many kinds of balloons are there? Can I buy packed balloons?

How can I order?

Do you deliver balloons for surprise?

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GSM: 0888 973 953

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