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Decoration for St. Valentine's day February.14.

Decoration for Halloween October.31.

Decoration for New Year December.31.

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We do not work for people with money, but for people with a taste for beautiful.

We do not share the maxim: "The client is always right - the customer is also sometimes wrong, but he always stands first.

Our purpose is to give our clients a dream! We strive to deliver luxury and beauty. There is nothing such relaxing as luxury!

We translate your situation ceremony in a happy story. Uniqueness of our decorations appropriate spice to your starving of an unforgettable experience!




How long does it stear a helium filled balloon?

What is the price of such decorations?

How many kinds of balloons are there? Can I buy packed balloons?

How can I order?

Do you deliver balloons for surprise?

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GSM: 0888 973 953

SKYPE: eanorabg