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Helium filled balloons


Helium arches





Car decorations

Stage decorations

Shops decorations

Restaurants decorations

Bars decorations

Gifts in balloon

Balloon gobelin

Flying balloons

Balloons rain



Decoration for St. Valentine's day February.14.

Decoration for Halloween October.31.

Decoration for New Year December.31.

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How can I order?

You can use our order form or call us on 0888 973 953

Why can I give my money for decoration when I can give my money for drinks?

Any money given to what he decides, as well as anyone does with his life what he wants.
We suggest you make your holiday in the story, but the final decision is entirely yours.

We do not work for people with money, but for people with taste!



How long does it stear a helium filled balloon?

What is the price of such decorations?

How many kinds of balloons are there? Can I buy packed balloons?

How can I order?

Do you deliver balloons for surprise?

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SKYPE: eanorabg